Twitter Analytics: Twitter Profile Reports

If you run any sort of social media presence online, then you really need to be using Twitter Analytics to see your engagements, follower demographics and profile activity.

With Twitter Analytics, you can view a number of important metrics and statistics about your profile. For Businesses, this information is vital and can be used to grow your online presence in a ton of ways (which we will get to later in this article).

To enable Twitter Analytics for your Twitter account simply login and head to Twitter Analytics. If you haven’t enabled Twitter Analytics yet, you will see a big blue button to Enable it. Click the button and you will then be able to access your analytics.

Twitter Analytics

Once you are enabled to use Twitter Analytics, you can visit the home dashboard to see general information about your account like # of tweets, impressions, visits and more.

twitter analytics home tyler horvath

You can view your monthly summary and see your top tweets, mentions and followers. This page is updated daily so you can keep a close eye on your overall account health and social rank.

Tweet Activity

The Tweets tab allows you to view all of your tweets and the activity each one has. The top shows a large graph of all your tweets in the time frame selected. You can export the selected data to a csv for each archiving.

In the Tweet activity list, you can see all of your tweets and relative data for the engagement of each tweet including impressions, engagements and engagement rate. You can use list this to find the highest engaged tweets and tried to replicate or mimic these type of tweets to get better engagement in the future.

You can use the top filter to filter your Top Tweets, Replies and any Promoted Tweets you have. If you run Twitter Ads, you can see which tweets/ad is getting the best engagement with your audiences.

twitter analytics reports

On the right if the Tweets list, you will see a number of graphics that show some averages of your engagements like link clicks, retweets, likes and replies.

Audience Insights

The Audience Insights tab is one of the coolest tabs because you can see some really great information about your followers demographics and interest.

Here is a screenshot of my personal Twitter’s Audience Insights page.

twitter audience insights

You can choose to view your followers, all Twitter users or your organic audience as well as compare all 3.

To see your followers insights, select ‘Your followers’ from the drop-down and you will see some great stats about your following. You can see my top interest among my followers is Technology, which is pretty right on. You can select each tab to see more information about each.

The overview tab shows you your audience size, interests, gender and wireless carrier. This information can be used to target these audiences in Twitter Ads or other advertising platforms Like Facebook Ads.

twitter interest graph

Make sure that your followers interest align with your brand and make any adjustments to your tweets/hashtags to get those followers that match your brand. Technology, Entrepreneurship and Tech News are very aligned with my brand so I can see that I am following the right people and the right people are following me.

The Demographics tab will show you your followers gender, language, age, country and location.This data can be very valuable in creating demographic based ads in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. If your businesses target demographic is 18-24 year olds but all of your followers are 45-54 years old, then you do not have the right followers and you should start getting more followers in your target demographic.

The Lifestyles tab will show you your followers interest and other lifestyle based stats that can be useful in interest-based ads. You can even see what TV Genres your followers are most interested in.

The last tab is the Mobile Footprint tab that will show you your followers wireless carriers and what device they are using. This is another important statistic to know because users on mobile and users on desktop act a lot different so its good to know what your followers are using.

twitter analytics device category

Twitter Events

The Events tab shows you all the events on Twitter and allows you to create a Twitter Event Ad easily from each event. The Events tab isn’t really that useful and is more of a way for Twitter to get more ads created.

twitter event

You can see how many people are tweeting about each event and you can view a plethora of statistics about each event by clicking on the box or ‘view details’ button.

Video Activity

The Video Activity tab is still in Beta mode but it allows you to view any uploaded videos activity. You can see how many people viewed your videos and how many people watch the whole thing. There’s also a number of graphics that will show your watch time and retention of all your videos.

video views twitter

Any Promoted videos will also show up here so you can compare stats to find the highest engaged videos.

Simply click on the video to see even more stats and graphs that show retention, video views, completion rate and more.

Conversion Tracking

If you are using Twitter Ads and want to view analytics about your conversion tracking tags the you can install the tracking js on your website and see statistics about each conversion. This can help find the best audience to promote too by whatever audience, demographics, or user is buying your product or service.

You can create unlimited conversion tags for almost anything like registration, login, buy, etc and they will all show up on this tab so you can view all of their activity.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Twitter Analytics is a great tool to keep a close eye on your Twitter followers and all the activity going on with your Twitter profile. You can even automate this data and get it in a email daily, weekly or monthly. With Ninja Reports, you can get your Twitter Analytics straight to your inbox with no hassle. Why spend hours searching and looking through all of this data, when you can get the most important stats right to your email.