QuickBooks Email Report Guide

quickbooks email reports guide

Quickbooks is the leading accounting software for small to large businesses looking to keep a close eye on their numbers. The only issue is that creating email reports in Quickbooks can be a little confusing. There are so many different reports and sections, its hard to tell where and how you create email reports in Quickbooks.

In this article, we are going to walk through how to create automated email reports for your favorite Intuit Quickbooks reports.

First, I am going to show you how to create email reports in Quickbooks online. QuickBooks Online is a cloud based QuickBooks systems that is FAR better than the old, outdated QuickBooks.

The smallest plan starts at $10/mo which is totally worth it.

One you are logged in, find the navigation bar on the left and clicks the Reports link.

quickbooks report tab

You will see a list of all the types of QuickBooks reports you can create. Either use the search function or browse categories to find the report you want to build.

quickbooks choose report

For this example, we are going to run the Profit and Loss report. Click the Run link under the report you would like to create.

quickbooks run report

Once you run the report, you will see all the details of the report… in our case the profit and loss statement. At the top is a email icon where you can send a QuickBooks Email Report for the report you ran.

quick books create email report

When you click the icon, a few options will show up. You can Print the report, save it as a PDF or you can email the QuickBooks report.

email save print quickboks report

Click email and a dialog box will appear where you can enter in your options for your QuickBooks Email Report.

quickbooks email report save

The only issue is that it will send a single report and that’s that. If you wanted to send a report everyday of your Profit and Loss statement, you would have to go and do this same routine everyday… but who has time for that?

With Ninja Reports, you can build and automate your favorite QuickBooks Email Reports and get them sent to multiple recipients daily, so your whole team knows the numbers.