Integrating Stripe with WooCommerce & WordPress

integrate stripe and woocommerce

integrate stripe and woocommerce

Did you know that over 2.2 million websites use WooCommerce? That is a lot of transactions happening all across the web.

There are hundreds of payment processors you can use to accept payments on your WooCommerce site but Stripe is becoming one of the most popular ways to receive payments in WooCommerce. It creates safe environment for online payments. But to avoid fraud completely, it is always recommended to integrate Fully-Verified service. Many people still don’t know what video identification is, if you belong to them, find out now.

It has small fees, is super easy to setup and they deposit your money fast.

But how do you integrate stripe with WooCommerce?

Well, I am going to show you right now how you can accept Stripe payments on your WooCommerce or WordPress website.

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Why Use Stripe with WooCommerce?

Stripe allows you to accept all major credit cards right from your website. They are also PCI-compliant and optimize for super-fast checkout.

Their fraud department is top notch and their dashboard makes finding and viewing payments a breeze… Not to mention you can get Stripe Email Reports with Ninja Reports.

One of the coolest things about stripe is that they have an API so you can programmatically add Stripe to different platforms. That is what makes integrating stripe so easy… because they have a simple plugin you can install to quickly get payments going.

Creating a Stripe Account

First, you will need to create an account at in order to accept payments online.

Fill out the simple form and you will be directed to your new dashboard where you can view analytics and a getting started guide.

stripe woocommerce integration

Before you can start accepting payments you will need to activate your account by filling out a short form about your business and where you will be accepting transactions.

activate stripe account

You will need an EIN or Social Security number and a bank account number and routing number in order to receive online payments.

If you have a registered business then you need to enter your business type and business details in order to get activated.

Once, you submit your application, you can start accepting payments in as little as 5 minutes.

Creating Stripe API Keys

Now that your account is up and running, we will need to generate some API keys in order to connect our Stripe account to WooCommerce.

Go to Developers->Api Keys and you will see Standard API Keys.. one is a publishable key and the other is the secret key. You will need to copy these and save them as you will need to enter them into WordPress later on.

stripe api keys

Click to reveal your live key token and copy it for later use. You will need both to integrate Stripe into WooCommerce. Now that we have our API keys, its time to download the Stripe plugin and connect it to WordPress/Woocomerce.

Connecting Stripe to WooCommerce

Ok, now that you are all set up with stripe, its time to connect your Stripe account to your WooCommerce website so you can start taking payments right in your store.

You will need to download the WooCommerce Stripe Plugin in order use Stripe.

Don’t worry, it looks like its not free but it is. You have to add to cart and checkout but it costs $0.00. It’s just a way for them to get your information and send product updates.

Once you download the plugin, install it in your WordPress backend and now we can set up the settings in WooCommerce.

Head to WooCommerce->Settings-Payments in order to enter your Stripe account details.

Scroll down til you see Stripe and click Set up or the blue Stripe link.

connect stripe

You will be directed to a detail page where we can enter in some details and our API keys we generated before.

Now you will enter your publishable key and live secret key into the correct input box. If you would like to test first, you can select ‘Enabled Test Mode’ and enter the test publishable and secret keys.

Once you are ready to start accepting credit cards, then select the Enable Stripe checkbox to turn on stripe payments.

stripe payments

If you want to receive event notifications of new orders then you can create a webhook and add it into Stripe Webhook Settings. Simply copy your webhook enpoint.. that will look something like this:

Head to the Stripe Webhook Settings page and click Add Endpoint. Enter in the URL you copied and voila… you will now get notifications of new orders in WooCommerce.


You now have Stripe connected to your WooCommerce website and you can start charging people online for a small fee. Make sure that you test your checkout form by either creating a test product that is $0.01 or buying one of your products and just eating the payment fees. It’s worth it to be 100% sure that people can check out and buy your products. Any friction in the process and you will lose a customer.

As far as creating stripe reports, there isn’t much provided by stripe but you can either look at your WooCommerce stats online or you can use a service like Ninja Reports and get Stripe Analytics to your email daily, weekly or monthly.

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