google analytics email reports

Google Analytics Email Reports

Automated email reports for your Google Analytics account.

Automatic Google Analytics Email Reports

Automated Google Analytics Email Reports in Just 3 Easy Steps!

Integrate with the most popular apps like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Salesforce and more.

Build beautiful custom reports and set how often you want Ninja Reports to send them and who to send them to.

Receive vital data right to your phone, tablet, computer or personal device… wherever you are!

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Stay Up-to-Date

Keeping up-to-date on all your analytics can be very time consuming. With Ninja Reports, it’s delivered right to your email… daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you want!

Know Your Numbers

Receive key statistics in beautiful email reports… right to your desktop, phone or tablet. Keep a close eye on your accounting, website traffic, ad spend and a whole lot more!

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Add Value to Your Agency

Keep your clients up-to-date automatically with automated email reports including your own logo!

What People Say:

"I get a report of my businesses revenue, profit, sales and expenses every single day. It gives me a better idea of where the money is coming and going in my businesses."

Thomas L.

Google Analytics Email Reports Pricing

Automated Google Analytics Email Reporting Pricing & Packages


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UNLIMITED Integrations
UNLIMITED Recipients per Report
50 Reports
PDF & CSV Attachments

Popular for Small Business

UNLIMITED Integrations
UNLIMITED Recipients per Report
500 Reports ($0.14 / report)
PDF & CSV Attachments

Our Most Popular Package!

UNLIMITED Integrations
UNLIMITED Recipients per Report
750 Reports ($0.13 / report)
PDF & CSV Attachments

Great for Agencies and Large Companies

UNLIMITED Integrations
UNLIMITED Recipients per Report
2000 Reports ($0.10 / report)
PDF & CSV Attachments
Your Own Logo on Reports


How many email recipients can I add to each Google Analytics report?

You can add unlimited recipients to your Google Analytics reports but each recipient will count as a single report so if you have 30 recipients, that will be 30 reports.

Can I add my own logo to the Google Analytics email reports?

Yes! Our White Label Package allows to to add your own custom logo to all your email reports so the reports look like they come from you!

Is there a contract?

No! All of our plans are month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.

Do I have to have Google Analytics to get the automated email reports?

In order to get automated Google Analytics email reports, you must have a Google Analytics account to integrate. If you are the account holder you can to send automated email reports to other non Google Analytics users.

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