Creating Stripe Reports in Ninja Reports

stripe reports

With over 100,000+ business using Stripe, we figured it would be valuable to our users to be able to get Stripe Reports right to your email daily, weekly or monthly.

Since Stripe doesn’t have any reporting system, we saw a huge opportunity to offer an amazing reporting service for Stripe. With Ninja Reports, you can get stunning Stripe reports right to your email, your client’s email, your bosses email and even employees.

In this article, I am going to show you how to receive stripe reports to your email daily, weekly or monthly, using Ninja Reports.

Register at Ninja Reports

The first thing to do is to create your Ninja Reports account. Once you are logged in to Ninja Reports, head to the integrations tab.

Click ‘Add Integration’ and you will see a pop up to choose which app to add.

ninja reports add integration

Choose Stripe and you will be prompted to log in to your account to connect the API.

stripe connect

You will be redirected to Stripe where you need to select the account to get reports from and click ‘Connect my STripe account’. Now, you will be redirected back to Ninja Reports and your Stripe account will now be connected.

ninja reports stripe connect

Currently, we only allow one Stripe account per user but we will be adding a feature soon, so you can connect multiple Stripe accounts to a single Ninja Reports account.

Creating Stripe Reports

Ok, the hard part is out of the way and now we just need to create our simple report in Ninja Reports. Head over to the Reports tab.

Click ‘Create a Report’ to build a new Stripe Email Reports.

create report stripe

On the create report page, you can fill out the name of the report, recipients, subject line and frequency. Then, select the data source, choose Stripe Connect and then click create a report. Your report will now be scheduled to send out at the frequency you selected.

create report page

You will be able to view the newly created report on the Reports tab with the details of the report like frequency and next send time. You can delete, edit and pause the report right from the same screen.

stripe ninja reports connected

And that is it!

You have now successfully integrated Stripe into Ninja Reports and created an automated Stripe Email Report that can send daily, weekly or monthly. For example, if you have integrated stripe with WooCommerce then you will receive analytics from your WooCommerce site.

I hope this tutorial helped you to integrate Stripe and please ask any questions below or in our Zendesk Support Portal.