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7 Powerful Reporting Tools for Facebook Ad Agencies

reporting tools for facebook ad agency

If you run a thriving Facebook Ad Agency then you know that clients always want to know how their Facebook Ads are performing and what kind of ROI they are seeing. I mean, who can blame them… They are paying you thousands a month to spend their money. But creating awesome ads, optimizing and writing […]

24 Social Media Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Use

24 social media analytics tools

Knowing your social media analytics is so essential in every business that marketers need to be regularly updated so they can make intelligent decisions about marketing strategies that can directly effect sales. Some factors can affect the marketing strategies of a company, but one thing is for sure. All efforts must go towards achieving the […]

Automating Google Adwords Reports for Clients

automating adwords reports for clients

If you run a PPC (pay per click) or digital advertising agency, then you know that updating your clients on the progress and performance of their campaigns is vital. But manually sending reports to clients every day is not a good way to scale your digital advertising agency. Automating your Google Adwords reports for clients […]

The Ultimate Google Analytics Tutorial


Google Analytics is a free software provided by Google that allows you to monitor and analyze visitors on your website. View goals, events, traffic sources, conversions and even e-commerce revenue… right from an easy-to-use interface. In this tutorial, I go in-depth into the metrics of Google Analytics. I will show you all the most important […]

17 Awesome Custom Google Analytics Reports

custom google analytics reports

Custom Google Analytics reports can show you a number of things about your website or business that can help increase your overall ROI and website usability. Some of the biggest online marketers in the world have created custom Google Analytics reports and you can actually use them yourself… for free! In the Google Analytics Solution […]

Automating Social Media Reports for Clients

social media reports for clients

With the rise of social media and the importance it has on growing your brand and business, many entrepreneurs have started very successful social media management agencies. But with the growth of your social media agency comes more clients. And I’m sure you know that the more clients you have, the more difficult it can […]

Automating SEO Reports for Clients

automating seo for clients

Do you run a digital agency and find that your clients are constantly asking you the status of your SEO campaigns? You can save hours a day reporting your SEO campaign status to clients by automating your reports. In this article, I am going to show you a number of great ways to automated your […]

8 Tools For Successful Google Adwords Campaigns

adwords tools

Google AdWords is probably the most powerful advertising platform on the earth. You can mach customers at the very moment they’re looking for products similar to yours. You also get access to targeting tools that ensure your ads are shown only to the best prospects. Over time, this platform has increased in sophistication. Cue to […]