Automating Google Analytics Reports for Clients

google analytics reports for clients

Do you run a web design, social media or PPC agency? If you do, then this article is more important than breakfast on a Sunday.

Did you know that you can automate Google Analytics reports for clients so that they get detailed information about their project or campaign without you doing anything at all?

With Google Analytics, you can automate traffic reports, SEO reports, social media reports and even e-commerce reports, right to your clients daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

In this article, I am going to show you some great ways to automate Google Analytics Reports for clients.

Google Analytics Email Reports

Creating automated email reports in Google Analytics is pretty simple. They allow you to schedule almost any report into an email report that can be sent to anyone. It will include a PDF screenshot of the actual report you send but it won’t include anything in the email.

So first you need to choose a report that you want to send to your clients. Let say you want to send your clients a daily report of their acquisition overview. Simply go to that report in Google Analytics and click the share button in the top right corner.

Digital Marketing Reports for Clients

Save hours every day by automating your SEO, PPC, Keyword and Facebook Ads reports right to your cllients email daily, weekly or monthly.


create google analytics report

Then. a popup box will appear where you can schedule and build your automated email report for your client. Enter in the details and add who you want to send the report to.

email reports in google analytics

Simply fill out the fields, choose which attachment type you want and then select the frequency. You can send it once, daily, weekly and even monthly. You can also add unlimited emails as well.

analytics report details

Once you have filled out all the fields, click send and your report will now be scheduled. To edit or cancel your Google Analytics email reports, you can go to Admin->View->Scheduled Emails.

If you are wanting to schedule a report for a number of clients, it may take a good amount of time to create the report in each of their accounts. If this is the case, see below on how to use Ninja Reports to automated Analytics reports for clients. We streamlined this process so that you can create a ton of client reports really fast.

Google Analytics Reports with Ninja Reports

To streamline the process of creating automatic reports for Clients, you can use Ninja Reports to quickly and easily create scheduled Google Analytics email reports for your clients.

First, register for Ninja Reports.

Next, you will need to add Google Analytics as an integration. If you are added to your clients Google Analytics account (or you manage it) you will be able to use all those accounts in Ninja Reports.

ninja reports add integration

Click the add integration button and choose Google Analytics to connect your Google Analytics account to Ninja Reports.

connect google analytics ninja reports

Next you will need to choose which account you want to connect to Ninja Reports. Make sure you connect the account that has access to your clients Google Analytics or that you are a user.

choose account ninja reports

Now, you have connected Google Analytics to Ninja Reports. Next, you will need to sync your accounts so that Ninja Reports can pull in all that data for those accounts. Click Settings then Click Sync Account.

ninja reports settings

Once you sync all your accounts you should see a list of accounts that are now connected and synced to Ninja Reports.

Now you can create a report for each client that will send to their email daily, weekly or monthly.

Click Create Report to create an automated email report for your client.

create report ninja reports

Next, fill out all of the information in the form. Enter a name for the report, select the data source and choose Google Analytics, then you can choose your client’s website.

Pick how often you want the report to send and at what time. Remember that it will send in your local timezone so if your client is in a different timezone, you may need to set the time accordingly.

Enter your client’s email addresses separated by a comma. If you want to add an attachment, you can add a PDF but the Ninja Report has the data right in the email. Choose a good subject line that your client will see and click ‘create report’.

Your report will now be scheduled and send out automatically at the time set. Here is a video of how to it below:

If you want to send email reports with your own companies logo, you can sign up for Ninja Report’s white label package where you can have the reports include your logo at the top.

Wrapping Up

So in conclusion, whether you are using Google Analytics or Ninja Reports to automate your clients reporting, you can save a ton of time by creating scheduled reports that send out whenever you want. This will save you time from reporting to clients as well as having to compile the reports and send them.

Digital Marketing Reports for Clients

Save hours every day by automating your SEO, PPC, Keyword and Facebook Ads reports right to your cllients email daily, weekly or monthly.