12 SEO Reporting Tools to Stay Ahead of the Competition

seo reporting tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of business websites. By mastering SEO demands, businesses can rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

Tools take the guesswork out of SEO by reporting the health of a website and keyword performance. Here are 15 SEO tools to use to stay ahead of the competition and rank higher in search engines.

Ninja Reports

ninja reports sign upReporting is important for not only you but your clients. Your SEO clients want to know exactly how your campaign is performing and they want to see that they are getting what they paid for. If you are constantly updating your clients on the performance of your SEO campaigns, then you should try Ninja Reports.

You can send automated SEO email reports daily, weekly, or monthly. Your clients will love you for it and they will know exactly how their campaign is doing.

Simply sign up to Ninja Reports, integrate your analytics or search console account and then you can send detailed reports of keyword ranking increases, new backlinks and more.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console offers a powerful way to gain insights from website activity.

Digital Marketing Reports for Clients

Save hours every day by automating your SEO, PPC, Keyword and Facebook Ads reports right to your cllients email daily, weekly or monthly.


It is a complete arsenal to give administrators the data and statistics they need to optimize their campaigns by utilizing Google Search Console, you can gain insights from multiple search engines Search Traffic provides detailed information on keywords, linking and the mobile experience the site offers This tool is widely used by SEO Gurus globally.

Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer

This reliable tool analyzes a website and offers advice for SEO optimization.

It displays any SEO errors needing attention and how fast a site loads and suggests topics to blog about to increase traffic. Websites require a laundry list of alternatives to gain more traffic.

This SEO Analyzer helps prioritize tags to get the best results most efficiency. It also analyzes the competition to see what they might be doing better or worse, and changes you can make to stay one step ahead and get the customer.


This tool offers higher ranking, quality traffic, and measurable results.

moz pro seo

The powerful Keyword Explorer tool inside Moz Pro shows what keywords drive visitors, and it can track a website’s ranking both locally or nationally. Site Crawl will inspect the site thoroughly to find hard-to-spot issues and send alerts when it encounters problems On-Page Optimization helps a website gain the highest rank for the keywords. With all the tools available, the user can create custom reports with gathered data and present it most effectively to launch a successful campaign.

SEM Rush

Businesses can track SMM, content, advertising, and SEO. In 2017 SEMruch was recognized as the best SEO tool In the USA and across Europe.

The dashboard offers a convenient way to see the domain analytics by breaking down keywords and traffic. Backlink auditing helps discover all backlinks using Search Console Integration. it will remove potentially dangerous backlinks, and if it can’t, this tool helps send the links to Google Disavow to get them removed.

The Keyword Magic Tool offers over 2 million keyword ideas and helps choose the best. PDF reports can also be automated to give critical data updates.


This tool Is easy to use and offers businesses essential data on their websites it analyzes the site and produces a report card with a grade for the site.

Based on the grade, SEOs can fix what is bad and keep what is working. Recommendations are simple, and SEOptimer provides an explicit list of actions. Seoptimer also checks out the competition and shows site owners how they can improve based on what works for their competitors.

seoptimer seo

By checking over 100 website points, it helps the site owner find ways to get listed higher in Google search and drive more traffic They also have an outstanding blog to keep up to date on future SEO trends, tricks, and tips.


This SEO tool is impressive when investigating the competition to gain insights on driving more traffic to a website. This tool will search any domain and provide a report on every place that domain has shown up on Google.

SpyFu will monitor the rankings of a site on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Adwords Advisor tracks what keywords with which the competition Is achieving success. PPC Ad Rank Tracker tracks ranking progress, impressions on shares and keyword groups.


This instant SEO checker and SEO audit tool can deliver an instant review of a website. Online visibility can improve with the use of the in-depth website analysis, which will help with SEO, social media, usability, and rankings.

woorank seo tool

Distribute stunning custom reports to an organization detailing the health of the site, what is working on the site and ways the site can be Improved to optimize search engine activity. Produce an easy to use marketing checklist to prioritize tags to optimize the site for search engines with Woorank. Deep dive into the website with the Site Crawl Analysis to ensure there are no content or technical issues hidden.

SEO PowerSuite

An arsenal of analytics is available with this capable tool.

Rank monitoring will check the site against 329 search engines and compare against 10 competitors. It will also provide graphs to show progress and scheduled checks to give businesses reports when they need them. The keyword research portion offers 19 different keyword tools to present any required analysis of your SEO campaigns. The site and content optimization tool audits the page against known issues and helps create relevant content for search engines.

Majestic SEO

By using this large link index database, businesses can harness the data provided on how the World Wide Web is linked together using Majestic SEO.

majestic seo backlinks

The site explorer tool explores pages deeply, with a backlink history checker that uses sophisticated robots to furnish the number of backlinks. It also tests keywords and shows a search score with which the user can manipulate their site and achieve a higher score. The link Intelligence API helps harness the power of the most advanced link map, to pull in data from the enormous database.

Raven Tools

An excellent SEO tool to acquire detailed SEO audit reports to track the health of a campaign is called Raven Tools. This tool Identifies backlink sources, uses metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook, and AdWords.

Over 20 data connectors from these sources give you the information you need to find and repair SEO issues and get a higher click rate from search engines. Quickly create custom reports that can be automated to arrive when required in PDF format.


Reveal thousands of long-tail keywords to stay on top of SEO needs Using Google, Wordtracker, YouTube, and Amazon keyword data together, this tool graphically shows businesses keyword data. Reports can be created based on what users look for in the search engines.

Digital Marketing Reports for Clients

Save hours every day by automating your SEO, PPC, Keyword and Facebook Ads reports right to your cllients email daily, weekly or monthly.